Thursday, May 19, 2011

India 1: New York City...

Sara, my family, and I just returned from two weeks in India...

We had a full day and a half in New York on the way, arrived at 6am and got rolling to Central Park and the Natural History Museum.  We rode the Staten Island ferry that night.  Pretty amazing city.

A guy India-bound had this amazing rip-off duffel bag... a reebok robocop mashup.  There was also 3 American federal agents escorting a Sri Lankan very terrorist looking guy back home on our flight... he wore a devious smile the whole time while the feds chatted up the stewardesses.  Sketchy.

14 hours later we would be in India... The bad news is that the in flight entertainment and movies is not working...  but in truth Air India didn't pay the bill for the rights to the movies so they can't show them.  It begins!

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