Wednesday, May 25, 2011

India 2: Pokemon & Laundry

 After landing, and not sleeping at all on the 20 hours of flying we all pretty much went straight to bed.  In the morning we went to this hindu temple, no photos allowed inside but it was pretty amazing.  Lots of beautiful sculptures and gods.
 Then onto a mosque... with a camera fee... not a one time fee like I thought, but for each camera you brought in... which means 4 for me and $15.  Not worth it.

 We took a rickshaw ride around and got stopped when about 20 bicycles fell over in a huge pile.  So many wires tangled overhead it's impressive the whole city hasn't burned to the ground.
 rickshaw school bus

 Old stuff, more temples in a park and a lazy pooch

 A Sikh temple, you have to cover your head and be barefoot, also must wash your feet on the way in.
 In packing I somehow forgot half my underwear and socks... did laundry before the trip really got underway.  After ringing out one of my undershirts it somehow stretched to 8 times its original size............

 Epic breakfast buffet of unidentifiable things.  This is a Pokemon cutlet, I swear.
 Delhi smog

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